Sara Harris  – author of the “Heart” series

Tammy C. Heidenreich – author of  “Brushstrokes of Heaven”

Hector La Fosse – author of “No Regrets”

Christie Stratos – author, host and YouTuber

Indi Wright – Author of “A Psalm of Comfort”

International Writers Association – An organization dedicated to assisting and promoting authors worldwide.

Get Lifted Entertainment – Management for talented musicians and authors.

H.W. Vivian – author of “In Hiding”

M.T. Bass – Author of “The Darknet Series”

Josie Carver – author of “Cassandra’s Unveiling”

Kathryn Kelly – Author of “Misled”

Clint Sabom – Author of “Preparation for Great Light”

Shaunta Kenerly – author of “Bad Girls Have More Fun”

Tiffany A. Lawson – author of “Trouble Never Looked So Good”

J.M. Muller – Author of “Colors of Immortality”

John Keyse-Walker – Author of “Sun, Sand, Murder”