Spotlight on African-American Literature a Success!

On August 30th 2014, the two room at the Charleston Coffee House in downtown Lorain, Ohio were at capacity.  Community members were eager to see the events involved in the Ohio Hispanic Heritage Coalition’s Spotlight on African-American Literature: An Evening with Avery.

Guest were able to strut the red carpet and give their opinions on what was expected on the evening’s event.  A pair of friends walked in for a cup of coffee and stayed for the gala.  Everyone enjoyed the food and beverages on sale by the coffee house.

The events started off with MooreWriting author Robert J. Moore giving a speech about his life as a writer and his two books.  Robert then led into the guest of honor, Sutton L. Avery and his novel “Out of Ashes”.  Dre Judson conducted an interview with Sutton about his life and work on the book.

After a brief intermission a panel of actors who were involved in the pilot for “Out of Ashes” was form to talk about their experiences and what it was like to work on the film.  One of the actors was Lorain’s very own Kenny Marrero-Santiago.

The Spotlight on African-American Literature was made possible by The Ohio Hispanic Heritage Coalition and 360 Media and Marketing.